St. Thomas Hospital (Chethipuzha)
St. Thomas Hospital, Chethipuzha, Changanassery is a health care institution owned and run by the Archdiocese of Changanaseri, started in 1953 by Archbishop Mar Mathew Kavukattu. Now the hospital grew from 20 beds in the beginning to 400 beds distributed in 12 wards, some of which are general wards and the rest are semiprivate and private rooms and 38 doctors and 24 departments with CT scan, Doppler scan, Ultrasound scan, EEG, Endoscope and several other modern facilities. It is note worthy that many of our doctors are the leading figures in Kerala in their respective fields. Now this is one of the leading multispeciality hospitals in central Kerala.
It is our fond ambition to extend the facilities of the most modern medical discoveries both clinical and diagnostic, to the poor and the marginalized at an affordable rate and easily reachable distance and reduce the medical bill to the bear minimum and ease their anxieties and tensions about the family budget.


Department of Internal Medicine
Dr. A.M. Joseph B.Sc., MBBS, F.C.G.P( C.M.O)
Dr. Antony George Joseph MD.
Dr. Thomas Sebastian MD.
Dr. Sunil Antony MD
Dr. Jeslie K Abraham MD.
Department of Cardiology
Dr. Anil Kumar MD, DNB, DM.
Department of General Surgery
Dr. N. Radhakrishnan MS, fais, fiams
Dr. J. Thomas MS
Department of Orthopaedic 
Dr. Shibu John Varkey. MS (Ortho), Ph.D.
Dr. D. R. Balaji MBBS, D’Ortho 
Dr. Mathew George MBBS, D’Ortho
Department of Physiotherapy
Mr.Vijayan Nair, Physiotherapist.
Department of  ENT 
Dr. M.J Cherian MS, DLO
Department of  Ophthalmology
Dr. Mercy Mathew DOMS.
Dr. Merrin Abraham MS, DLO, FCLI.
Department of Gynaecology
Dr. Molly John MD.
Dr. Rekha G Muricken MD
Department of  Paediatrics and Neonatology
Dr. Rejimon Jose MD, DCH.
Dr. Sanju Simon Joseph MD, DCH.
Department of  Gastroenterology
Dr. Annamma Sebastian MD, DM.
Department of endocrinology
Dr. Bobby K Mathew MD, DM.
Department of  Neurology
Dr. Biju Gopalakrishnan MD, DM.
E.E.G. facility available
Department of Urology
Dr. K.G Reghunath MS, DNB, MCh(Uro) 
Department of Dermatology
Dr. Baby Stephen MBBS, DVD, MD
Department of Dentistry
Dr. Ramakrishna Menon MDS(Maxillofacial surgeon)
Dr. Gopikrishnan MDS(Endodontist)
Dr. Fiaz MDS (Orthodontist)
Dr. John T Thelapuram BDS(Dental Surgeon)
Department Of anaesthesia
Dr. T. C. Scaria MBBS, DA
Dr. Mary Magdhaline scaria MBBS, DA
Department of Psychiarty
Dr. V. K. Radhakrishnan MD DPM
Department of Dietetics & Nutrition 
Dietician : Jijili Devassi
Dr. Saiju Sebastian BNYS, MS (Psychotherapy)

Aiming at bringing chronic Psychiatric patients back to society at maximum possible functional level. It is a centre for psychiatric, psychological, personality, De- adiction, maritial and family theraphy and sex theraphy.
Family Counselling : Hospital has a family counselling center functioning under the guidance of Dr. Jose Kuncheria M.S.W. Ph.D. The center mainly deals with family marital problems, family marital and psychotic problem, Child guidance etc. 
  • Ambulance Services: We have A/C and non A/C ambulance available round the clock. It is also available for the public when required on prior booking.
  • I.C.C.U on Wheels: Ambulance with life saving equipments and trauma trained professionals. Available for the public when required on prior booking. Call - 2729000.
  • Chethipuzha Whole Body CT Scan 
    Dr. Jeevan Mathew DMRD (Radiologist)
    CT- SCAN Facilities for Whole Body CT, Ultra Sound Scanning, CT Digital Radiography, .5mm Scan, Ultra Sound Guided Biopsy. 
  • St.Thomas Hi-tec-Laboratory
  • Licensed Blood Bank
  • Automated Immuno Flourescence Analyser
    Qualified Biochemist, Microbiologist and more than 15 staffs, in the Departments of Pathology, Biochemistry and Microbiology under the guidance of Dr. G. Unnikrishnan MD (Pathology).
  • Pharmacy Services - round the clock 
  • X-Ray Department
  • Facilities for Tread mill Test and Echo Cardiography.
  • 3D Digital Ultra Sound System
  • Facilities for all ENT Micro Surgeries and Audiometry 
  • Ultra Sound Scanning
  • Fully computerized laboratory with fully automatic analyzers for Hormone assays and Biochemistry.
  • Videoendoscope System
Our Specialities in Clinic :
  • 24 hrs Fracture Clinic
  • Back Ache Clinic
  • Biological Fracture Fixation
  • Arthroscopic Knee Surgery
  • C-Arm
  • Ilizarov Treatment
  • Paediatric Limb Deformity Correction
  • Spine Fracture Management
  • Joint Replacement Surgery
    ILIZAROV METHOD - Done in Original Kurgan Way (Russia) : Paediatric Orthopaedics, Complicated Fractures, Deformity Correction, Non-Union, Mal Union, Limb Lengthening.
Health Check Programs

Are you above 35yrs of age. take care. Isn’t it time you paid more attention to yourself?
St. Thomas hospital Health check-up schemes & Health Check Programs 

  1. Program A: Executive Health check 
    Blood Routine, Blood grouping and typing, Urine Routine
    Blood urea, S. Creatinine, Lipid profile, ECG, Consultation with Physician, Gynaecologist, Ophthalmologist, Dentist, Diet consultation.
  2. Program B: Master Health and Cardiac Check 
    Blood Routine, Blood grouping and typing, FBS, PPBS,Urine Routine, Renal Profile, Lipid Profile, ECG , Chest X-ray, TMT/Echo, Acid Phosphate for Men, Pap Smear for Women, Usg Abdomen, Consultation with Physician, Gynecologist, Ophthalmologist, Dentist, Diet consultation.
  3. Program C: Master health Check for Alcoholic Abusers 
    Blood routine ,Urine Routine, Platelet Count, FBS, PPBS
    S. Creatinine, Lipid Profile, LFT including SGPT/SGOT, gamma GT, ECG, Chest X-ray, TMT/ Echo, Abd. USG
    Consultation with Physician, Cardiologist, Diet Consultation
  4. Program D: Comprehensive Diabetic Check Up
    Blood Routine, FBS, PPBS, Lipid Profile, Micro Alb. Sugar
    Blood Urea, S. Creatinine, SGOT,X- Ray chest, Examination of cardiovascular system, in diabetic especially for CAH and HT By cardiologist. Consultation with neurologist for peripheral neuropathy. Consultation with Urologist to rule out Nephropathy, 
    Consultation with Ophthalmologist to rule out Retinopathy, Cardiac check –up for cardiovascular system in diabetic especially for CAHD and HT.
  5. Program E: Cancer screening 
    Blood Routine,X-ray chest, X-ray of suspected affected part, 
    Clinical Examination By Dentist to rule out Oral Cancer
    Sputum study to rule out Lung Cancer, Urine Cytology to rule out Blood Cancer, Peripheral Smear Studies, PSA test for Men, Pap Smear for Woman, Breast Examination to rule out Breast Cancer by Gynecologist. 
  6. Program F: Well-Women check 
    Haematology with ESR, RBS, Urine Routine, Chest X-ray
    Usg Pelvis, Pap smear test, Exercise counseling, Diet Counseling. Instruction on breast self examination
  7. Program H: Pre- Employment check – Up 
    Blood Routine, Blood Sugar Urine Routine, X-ray chest, HIV, HbSAg, and VDRL, Consultation with General Physician.
St. Thomas Hospital
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