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Long years ago, in the late eighteenth century a ray of light penetrated the staid world of medical treatment. Samuel Hahnemann pioneered a breakthrough theology in the world of medicine. Homoeopathy -the refined science of pure medicine was born. The gift of God for mere mortals like us. The basic principle it was structured on is that Nature's Law cannot be changed or altered, "Similia Similibus Curentur". Now in the twenty first century Homoeopathy still holds firm. A beacon of light for the world weary and tired. The Torch has been passed on to new generation Doctors. 

Dr.Dinesh .N. Nair is the anchor man for Homoeopathy in Kerala.
About Dr. Dinesh N Nair
Dr. Dinesh N Nair has had a successful run as a homeopathic doctor in Thiruvalla town. He is well-known and highly respected. He has completed a long term as a competent professional and has a flourishing private practice. Dr. Dinesh N.Nair was born in Thiruvalla, a place in central Travancore of Kerala State of the Indian Union, as the son of late Mr. T. S. Narayanan Nair and late Ms. K. Bharathy Amma , who were teachers by profession.

He studied for Pre-Graduation in Marthoma College, Thiruvalla, and thereafter, in 1974 joined Athurashramam Homoeopathic Medical College, Kottayam, one of the best colleges in India. He graduated and completed housesurgency in 1979. 

Bio Natural Clinic
 In 1981 Dr.Dinesh.N.Nair started his Clinic at Thiruvalla which was inaugurated by Mr. Narayana Bhattathiri, the then Municipal Chairman of Thiruvalla Municipality. 
  • In 1981 he started to organize his colleagues under the banner of Homoeopathic Medical Association of India (HMAI), and played an important role in sponsoring a Unit at Thiruvalla. It lasted till 1987 and then it was further changed to The Institution of Homoeopaths Kerala (IHK), which was launched as an exclusive association of qualified Homoeopaths of Kerala. From 1987 to 1995 he continued as a member of the Executive Committee of IHK. 
  • In 1988 Dr. Dinesh.N.Nair was the convener of the 1st Annual Function of the IHK, which was hosted at Thiruvalla, and again in 1997 Dr. Nair was the convener of grant Decennial and Annual Function of the IHK, which was again hosted at Thiruvalla. 
  • In 1989, under the Institution of Homoeopaths Kerala, a new trust was formed. The deed of Trust Executed on the 16th of September 1989, Dr.Dinesh. N. Nair was one among the initial members, and was selected as the Vice Chairman. He continued to be the Vice Chairman till 2001. And then in 2001 he was selected as the Chairman of the Trust. 
  • He attended the 1st congress of the Asian Homoeopathic Medical League held at New Delhi 1993. Later in 1991 he attended the 2nd congress of the Asian Homoeopathic Medical League held at Kualalumpur, Malaysia. And was associated with Asian Homoeopathic Medical League, as a Member in the Editorial Board during the year 1993-94 
  • He attended the Seminar with Dr. George Vithoulkas in 1993 & 2000 held in Mumbai and was an active member of the Thiruvalla Junior Chamber, and convened as the editor of Jaycee Melam Mela Souvenir'1995. 
  • From 1995 onwards he started using Computer and Software Radar, developed by Dr. George Vithoulkas and his colleagues at Archibel (Company), Belgium. 
  • He attended the Seminar with Dr. George Vithoulkas in 1993 & 2000 held in Mumbai and was an active member of the Thiruvalla Junior Chamber, and convened as the editor of Jaycee Melam Mela Souvenir'1995.  

There is a remedy for every malady. Open your heart and state your business. 

During the initial consultation, the Homoeopathic physician needs to know the history in detail of the patient to be treated, characteristics of their personality, behavioural patterns, emotional peculiarities, habits in general and food habits in particular, menstrual abnormalities if any, etc, etc…….By getting the true symptom picture of the diseased the Homoeopath can build a multi dimensional picture to match one of the drug pictures, which will end in a cure. 


Allergies Anemia  Anal fistulae Anal fissure  Alopecia Acne  Abscess Appendicitis
Blood pressure Blackheads Cancer Cancer pains Cardiac complaints Children's complaints  Chickenpox  Corn 
Diabetes Mellitus  Diarrheas  Drug induced diseases Dysentery Ear complaints Deafness  Eruptions Eczema
Eye complaints Gall bladder stones Glandular swellings Gas complaints Hepatitis Headaches Hair graying Hemorrhoids
Irritable bowel syndrome Infertility Impotency  Jaundice  Keloids  Leucoderma  Leucorrhoea Lichen planus
Malarial attacks Menstrual complaints Measles  Mumps  Ottorrhoea Obstinacy Pancreatic complaints Peevishness
Prostate complaints  Pyorrhea Psoriasis Skin diseases Sterility  Teething complaints  Thyroid complaints  Tonsillitis 
Tumors Umbelical oozing Urinary tract infections Urinary stone Ulcers Varicose Veins  Vitligo  Warts 
Dr. Dinesh. N. Nair
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