Anandam Ayurvedic Centre ( Travancore Heritage )
The Travancore Heritage is a sea side resort in 15 acres of lush green coconut garden and landscaped environs located at Chowara - south of Kovalam, near Trivandrum, Kerala. The resort stands on a high cliff overlooking the Arabian Sea and a long wide beach of powdery white sand. The Travancore Heritage is conceived and developed as a Heritage Property to bring to life the age-old traditional architectural splendor of the region with its typical timber houses and 'Nalukettus' with tiled roofing, which allow for living in communion with all the elements of Nature.
Anandam , our ayurveda center adheres to the very principles practiced in the most traditional way in ayurveda. And its quite amazing that the 5000-year-old-science is finding solution to modern man-s problems. 

Part of therapy involves actual treatment, while the other consists of life style changes. According to ayurveda principle, the human being has 3 dimensions - the body, mind and soul. These 3 dimensions are in set in an individualised pattern based on the predominant dosha, (Prakruti). An imbalance in any one of these dimensions leads to ill being (vikruti). It is only after a detailed consultation that the physician determines the cost of this imbalance using ancient techniques of observation (darsana), touching/ feeling (sparana) and interrogation (prasana). After the consultation, the patient is given a description of what it might have to undergo for the next few days / weeks.

Ayurvedic massage treatments
A massage does magic. It treats the body as a whole-both mentally and physically. Making the body more flexible. The circulation is increased and metabolic wastes are disposed, which in turn relieves the human body of anxiety, depression, fatigue, circulatory disorders, rheumatic and arthritic, backaches, sprains and injuries. 
The process
The patient lies down on a table carved out of a special medicated wood. The masseur follows a set of principles from the ancient Ayurvedic text principles for rhythmic continuous part of the body.
Increases longevity of life. Retards ageing, overcomes fatigue. Sound sleep. Good physical appearance. Adds self-confidence, revitalizes nervous system. Nourishes the body
This is a full body massage using medicated oils. Massaging has its importance. It gives relief to anxiety, depression, fatigue, circulatory disorders,
 arthritic complaints, backaches, sprain and injuries.
Lukewarm herbal oil or liquid medium is poured on to the forehead from a perforated earthen pot suspended above ,in a special rhythmic style
This treatment is done for insomnia and mental stress
In this treatment lukewarm medicated oil would be poured over the person's body in a special rhythmic manner by two masseurs.
Indication: Spondylitis, arthritis, hemiplegia, nervous disorders, sexual weakness.
Medicated powder would be held inside a linen cloth bundle and it would be soaked in warm medicated oil massaged  in a rhythmic motion.
Indication: Spondilosis, osteoarthritis, oedema, hemiplegia, sprain, rheumatism.
In this treatment boiled Njavara rice would be held inside a linen cloth bundle and it would be soaked inside the above said combination and massaged over the body by two masseurs.
Indication: Emaciation of limbs, rheumatism and degeneration of nerves and muscles.
Elakizhi (Pathra potala swedam)
In this treatment, certain herbal leaves would be held inside a small linen bundle and it would be soaked inside warm oil and massaged over the body by two masseurs.
Indication: Rheumatoid arthritis, stiff joints, low dack ache, generalized body pain, Spondylitis, osteoarthritis, inflammation of joints.
In this treatment, specially precially prepared warm medicated oil is poured over the lower back and retained 
 Inside a herbal paste boundary.Indication: Low back ache, IVDP and other spinal disorders.
Special herbal powder is rubbed on the body in rhythmic motion by two masseurs. 
This massage is included in our slimming programme. Indication: Obesity. It tones up the skin.
In this treatment, lukewarm herbal oil, according to the condition of the patient, is poured into a cap fitted on head.
Indication: Facial paralysis, insomnia, migraine, alzheimer's disease.
Muthirakizhi (Kulatha swedam)
In this treatment, horse gram is powdered, held inside a linen bundle, it would be made warm and massaged over the body by two masseurs.
Indication: Rheumatism, join pain, inflammation of joints, stiff joints, any type of pain.
Specially prepared medicated oil is poured over the chest and retained inside a herbal paste boundary.
 Indication: It is good for asthma, heart disease & muscular chest pain. Gives strength to thoracic part.
In this treatment, medicated milk mixed with herbal decoction would be poured over the body or head.  
 Indication: Insomnia, mental tension, headache. It is rejuvenative and nourishes the skin. 
Herbal steam bath
The person is made to perspire profusely inside a steam chamber that lets out medicated steam from aromatic herbs.
Application of herbal past on the body.
Indication: Aches and pain, inflammation skin problem. 
Raktha moksha (Blood letting)
In this treatment impure blood is taken out of the body from certain points by using leeches. It is very good treatment for certain types of skin disorders.
Netra sekam
Special decoction with several herbs are made and with it the eyes are washed. Indication: Good vision, protects the eyes from cataract and other disorders.
Nasyam (Nasal infusion)
Medicated oil and herbal extracts would be instilled into the nostrils after oleation and fomentation of face, throat and thoracic part. Indication: Sinusitis, headaches, facial paralysis, cervical spondylosis.
Herbal powder according to the ailment is made into a paste and pasted over the head.
Indication: Mental retardation, psychic disorders, migraine, sleeplessness. 
Chavutti thirummu (Massage with foot)
This is a special art of massage in which the masseur does the massage with his one foot by holding on to a string.
Indication: Obesity, certain types of injuries, backache, intervertebral disc prolapse

Kalari massage
This is a special massage done by the masseur who is an expert in kalari. The martial art of Kerala. In this massage the marma points are stimulated.
Indication: Good for backache, body pain, removes stiffness of body.
Pieces of cloth soaked in medicated oil would be put on joins or other areas according to the physicians advice. Indication: Body pain, join pain, arthritis, sprain, old age disorders, spondylosis.
Snehapanam (Internal oleation therapy)
Ghee preparations are internally administered for certain types of disorders and also for clearing the bodily channels as a preparatory measure in Panchakarma.
Head massage
In this treatment, the masseur gives special massage to the head and scalp.
 Indication: Head ache, stress, good for hair growth and increases blood circulation.
Herbal facial
After massaging the face with oil, certain herbal preparation and creams are applied over the face.
 Indication: Tones up the skin and gives it a special glow.
In this treatment, herbal extract is instilled into eyes.
Indication: Eye diseases like conjuntivitis, clean vision.
Application of medicine to eyelids.
Indication: For clean vision and other eye disorders.
Netra tharpana
In this treatment medicated oil, ghee or other medicines are poured into the eye and retained inside a herbal paste boundary. Indication: Increases eye sight, good treatment for all types of eye disorders.
Inhalation of medicated smoke by nasal route.
Indication: Common cold and sinusitis.
Medicated oil is instilled into the ear.
Indication: Pain in the ear, wax, infection of the ear.
Fumigation of ears.
Indication: Otitis media, candiasis.
Relaxation programme: is for the guests who are here for short time.
  • Stress relieving programme 
    This programme is aimed at providing relief for those who are suffering from mental and physical stress.
  • Rejuvenation programme
    This rejuvenation trerapy prescribed in ayurveda endows the individual with longevity, memory, intellect, positive health, youth, excellent complexion, voice, strength of sensory and motor organs.
  • Rejuvenation programme with Panchakarma and daily regimen
    This Rejuvenation treatment programme is for people who would like to have intense purification therapies with daily regimens.
  • Panchendriya shodhana
    This treatment programme is for cleaning the sense organs and to rejuvenate them in order to perform well.
  • Rheumatic arthritis
    In this programme general body massage, Njavarakizhi,Pizhichil, podikkizhi, lepam and vasthi will be done according to the doctor's advice.
  • Psoriasis treatment
    This programme includes special oil massages, thakradhara, kashayadhara, lepam and internal medication.
  • Spine and neck care programme
    In this treatment programme we do treatments like general body massage, podikizhi, njavarakizhi,etc.
  • Beauty care programme
    This treatmentprogramme includes massage and other treatment technique like lepanam, dhara, dhoopanam, avagahana with milk, oils, creams, fruits, herbal powders and decoctions. This treatment is good against pimples, marks, dandruff, dry skin and other skin disorders.
  • Rejuvenation Programme for old age disorders
    This prevents ageing and makes the individual free from diseases even in advanced stage. In this programme general body massage, Shirodhara, njavarakizhi, Pizhichil, podikkizhi and ksheeradhara will be done.
  • Slimming programme.
    For those who are obsese and would like to purify and rejuvenate their body in order to keep fit. This treatment includes abhyanga sweda, udwarthanam, foot massage, pdikizhi and naraangakizhi.
In hata yoga, we harmonize the body, mind and soul by working through the postures, breating excercises, energy lock etc. In this course we teach soorya namaskar, basic asanas, pranayams meditation techniques and relaxation technique.

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