Charakas Super Speciality Ayurveda Hospital & Research Centre
Charakas Super Speciality Ayurveda Hospital & Research Centre is an Ayurvedic Super Speciality Hospital approved by the Govt. of Kerala , Dept of Tourism no 0L.001/03 It is conceived and set up for the dire need of modern man, to give a feel of Ayurveda, to help him condition his mind and body through scientific and traditional treatments. At Charakas the visitor can enjoy all the pleasures of holidaying in a healthier, and enlightening way. The name itself is after. "Charaka", the acharya of Ayurveda .
Charakas  -  for pleasure and purification 

Charakas Ayurveda Hospital has all kinds of traditional Ayurvedic treatments like "Panchakarma" and special Keralite traditional rejuvenation treatments under the supervision of qualified, well experienced, authentic in-house physicians and expert therapists.
Of all the systems of medicine developed to nourish and preserve life, Ayurveda was the first and remains the most complete. It has gained universal acceptance for its curative powers and the ability to maintain optimum physical, mental & spiritual health for a full span of life. Ayurveda is based on "Panchabhutha" and "Thridosha" theories. 
Large Herbal Swimming Pool Herbal Steam Bath
Cottages with attached toilets and treatment room  Back Water Cruise
Pick up from airport /railway station Room Service
Nutritious vegetarian food Herbal garden 
Cultural programmes (on request) Luxuriant, Billowy Lawn
Panchankarma the essence of ayurveda purifies and rejuvenates the body .It cures even the very cronic diseases. The preparatory procedures of a panchakarma viz. Sneha and Swetha soak the vitiated doshas in the body and lead them to koshta .From koshta they are eliminated by the different panchakarma techniques
  • Vasthy - Special Enema Therapy - It is the most important one among panchakarma. In this medication is introduced through the anal route for the evacuation of accumulated waste materials. It purifies each and every system of body. Vasthy revives vitality and rejuvenates the body.According to the constitution of the body and condition of disease suitable vasthy is done. Vasthy is mainly indicated for Vathavyadhi.effective for hemiplegia,motor neuron disease,rheumathoid arthritis, infertility, spinal disorders etc
  • Virechanam Purgation Therapy
    Purgation is induced by giving safe herbal purgatives for eliminating toxic waste materials accumulated in the body. A properly carried out virechanam leads to clarity of intellect, power of the organs, elemental stability and glow to the digestive fire. It also delays ageing.Virechanam is specially indicated for pitha Vikaras. It lowers the unwanted cholestrol (LDL) and stimulates the liver functions. Effective for hypertension,asthma,ascitis,gastritis, Hysteria
  • Vamanam Emetic Therapy
    In this highly result oriented method vomiting is induced by giving herbal emetic medicines to expel waste in respiratory tract and upper gastro intestinal tract. Vamanam mainly for Kapha Dosha diseases. Effective for chronic cough, Bronchitis, Asthma, Diabetes, Skin diseases, Esnophilia, drug toxicity, Erysipelas Anemia, Mental Retardation etc
  • Rakta Moksha  Blood Letting Therapy 
    In this treatment impure blood is let out by inflicting cuts or applying special variety of leeches at particular points of the body. Effective for Chronic Ulcers, varicose veins, Eczema and other skin diseases, Gangrene, Piles, Abscess etc
  • Nasyam  Nasal infusion therapy
    In this therapy, medicated oil, herbal juice or herbal powder is introduced through the nostrils to remove the accumulated and vitiated Doshas in the head. Specially effective for ailments above neck. Nasyam stimulates the central nervous system , improves endocrine functions and it strengthens the sense organs. Effective for Chronic Sinusitis, hairfall, Migraine, Pre-mature ageing, Facial Paralysis, Cervical Spondylosis, Insomnia,
    Speech Impediments, Pre-mature ageing, etc
Rejuvenation Treatments
  • Rejuvenation Massage
    This includes full body massage with herbal oil or powder. Very effective for rejuvenating the body, to reduce mental tension, to obtain proper blood circulation for increasing the sexual vigor and to improve vitality
  • Pizhicil
    Luke warm medicated oil is poured over the body with simultaneous body massage. It increases blood circulation ,nourish the muscles and nervous tissue. It expels metabolic waste through skin .Effective for Rheumatic complaints ,sexual debility ,diabetic neuropathy etc. 
  • Njavarakizhy
    Special Njavara rice cooked in milk and herbal decoction made as a kizhi is applied on the body with milk and Herbal decoction. Effective for Rheumatic complaints muscular atrophy, Neuropathy, Paralysis ,Emaciation. This treatment improves blood circulation
  • Shirodhara
    It is a type of treatment. Medicated oil or decoction poured on the forehead. Promotes blood circulation , relieves stress and strain. Effective for depression ,memory loss, sleeplessness, migraine, hair falling etc. 



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