Kayaloram Ayurveda Lake Resort 

Kayaloram Lake Resort ( Alleppey Backwater Resorts Pvt Ltd ) is a heritage Resort based in Alleppey, Kerala established in 1995. Kayaloram has been recognised by the Department of Tourism, Government of Kerala as an Approved Ayurvedic Centre. Kayloram is in the backwaters of Alleppey and is located on an exclusive stretch of prime waterfront in the Vembanad Lake.

  Accommodation :
Accommodation at Kayaloram  Ayurveda Lake Resort is ethnic Kerala. Kayaloram has a heritage theme, with old Kerala houses rebuilt in a most beautiful location in the backwaters. Independent Tharavads offering 12 bedrooms, with open to sky bathrooms and all amenities. The Tharavads have been painstakingly re-assembled from the original.Kayaloram has a heritage theme, with old Kerala houses rebuilt in a most beautiful location in the backwaters.  
  • Ayurvedic Centre
  • Canoeing
  • Fresh water swimming 
  • Rides on speedboat, motor boats & House boats.
  • The full-fledged restaurant serves typical Kerala and continental cuisine. 


At the Ayurvedic centre in Kayaloram we have qualified and highly experienced Ayurveda physicians and male & female therapists. Women will have the service of female therapist for body massage and other health programs. Chronic headache, insomnia, osteo arthritis, rheumatic diseases Nasal and ear ailments etc. have beneficial & effect through Ayurvedic treatments. Treatments will be done only after consultation with doctors. 
Given below are few Ayurvedic Therapies. 
Rejuvenation Therapy : Duration One and a half hours / day for 07 to 14 days 
This is a complete rejuvenation therapy comprising of synchronised special massage, Herbal steam bath, Njavarakizhi, Pizichil etc. Carefully planed health program is directed towards and vitality. It also go on long way to tone up the skin and improve complexion. 
Body Immunisation : Duration One and a half hours/day for 07 to 21 days 
This is complete immunisation therapy comprising of relevant rejuvenation Therapy and Panchakarma Therapy, which varies from person to person. The Ayurveda Doctor in the centre will suggest the suitable program. This carefully planned health program is directed towards strengthening the immune system in order to achieve ideal health and to prevent seasonal diseases. 
Body Sudation : Duration One hour per day for 07 days. 
This package comprises synchronised massage and herbal steam bath. This is meant for improving physical consistency, better eye sight, inducing deep sleep, reduces high blood pressure elimination of impurities in the system etc. it improves the complexion and texture of the skin and provides shining and softness to the skin. 
Body slimming : Duration One hour per day for 07 days. 
This package is deep massage using herbal powers. This reduces obesity, imparts, mobility to joints, strengthens muscles and refreshes the body. 
Panchakarma Therapy : Duration 02 Hours a day for 07 to 14 days. 
It is a total and integrated health pack meant for both the healthy and sick. Therapies include synchronised massage, herbal steam bath, Njavarakizhi, Pizichil sirodhara etc. following Panchakarma therapy. 
Panchakarma includes Vamana : This is inducted vomiting and done by giving emetic drugs orally along with a large quantity of liquids.
Virechana [Purgation] :It is done by oral administration of purgative drugs. 
Snehavasthi [ Oil enema] : Special enema where the main ingredient is medicated oil. 
Kasha Vasthi [Special enema] :It is done by administering medicated decoctions. 
Nasyam [Errhines] :Done by administrating medicines, medicated oils through the nostrils. 
There will be exclusive regimes for each visitor. Diet, dress regulations day to day activities etc. will be monitored as per the prescription of the physician. The above package includes selected treatments in combinations as per the doctor's decision. We have ayurvedic rejuvenation packages extending from 3 to 28 Days which includes room, taxes, food and rejuvenation therapies. 

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