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Panchagni Ayurveda Hospital & Treatment Centres is a unit of Panchasila Ayurveda group, offering traditional Ayurvedic treatments, yoga and special Keraleeya Ayurvedic treatments. Our centres work in conjunction with the Aryavaidya Pharmacy (Coimbatore) Ltd., who has succeeded in bringing the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) to a collaborative research project entitled, "Efficiency of Ayurveda Treatment in Rheumatoid Arthritis". Proud of our outstanding reputation in the community.
" Panchagni symbolizes the very best in Ayurvedic Care ."
Ayurveda is the most ancient and integrated Indian system of medicine. It is the science of Life. Only Ayurveda adopts the holistic remedy to achieve absolute rooting out of the source of any ailments. According to Ayurveda good health is the harmonious co-existence of body, mind and soul. Any dis -harmony among them causes disease. It is a proven fact that no other system of medicine understand man and his health problems like Ayurveda. 
Dr. R. Aji Kumar, Chief Physician

A graduate of the Ayurvedic College, Coimbatore, Dr. Aji Kumar is the latest generation of Ayurvedic Physicians in a history of Ayurvedic Physicians dating back 125 years. Ayurvedic medicine, to Dr. Aji Kumar, is more than a family legacy, but a passion. Highly gifted as a diagnostician, this compassionate physician is deeply dedicated to ensuring the health, happiness, and harmony of all his patients.
Dr Rajesh
A graduate male doctor from Jayendra Saraswathy Ayurveda college, Chennai. After completing BAMS he learned Panchakarma Therapy at Central research institute, cheruthuruthy and Marma Therapy from his father Dr Ramachandran Nair who was one of the famous Marma Physician of Kerala. 
Dr. Kala
Also a Ayurvedic Specialist, Dr. Kala brings depth and skill to our practice. A graduate of one of Kerala's most respected Ayurvedic colleges, Dr. Kala is a excellent Ayurvedic practioner.
A graduate female doctor from Jayendra Saraswathy Ayurveda college, Chennai. She is specialiced in female disorders and in panchakarma therapy. She is also conducting Ayurveda courses at panchagni. 
Other facilities at Panchagni
Our Hospitals in Kerala ~ Kollam and Varkala ~ in the heart of "God's Own Country", have inpatient facilities where patients from all over the world are treated for a variety of conditions with sensitivity and respect . At Panchagni Ayurvedic Hospital & Treatment Centres - come home to healing & health near the shores of the Arabian Sea.
The physicians will evaluate your condition and determine the best time for you to come for treatment. The following 5 diseases are successfully treated at this centre by using Ayurvedic Medicines. 
 0=  Paralysis
 0=  Intervertebral disc prolapse (IVDP)
 0=  Parkinsonism
 0=  Cervical and Lumbar Spondylosis 
 0=  Rheumatoid Arthritis. 
Facilities in Our Hospital 
General ward | Normal Room | Deluxe Room | Deluxe Suite.
The Normal room, Deluxe room and Deluxe Suite are provided with two beds each and have attached bath. All Accommodations are provided with Telephones and e-mail 
Accomodations : Steeped in the rich tradition of Kerala, our elegantly furnished suites provide the weary traveler solace in the silent, pleasurable atmosphere, in air-conditioned comfort, of our the tastefully appointed suites. Non-air-conditioned room, they are also available for your pleasure. Select a single or double room, cottages, or a suite available.

 -- Panchagni as an Ayurvedic Hospital & Resort --

  0 Ayurvedic Massage centre    0 Treatments to prevent disease
  0 Treatments to boost the immune system   0 Ayurvedic Food 
  0 Yoga and meditation programme    0 Sight seeing & package 
  0  Astrological Consultations    0 Travel Assistance 
  0 Tours arranged on request    0 Near beaches
  0 Taxi Service    0 Untouched by tourism
  0  Internet browsing    0 Pick up from airport 
  0 Money changer   0 Room service
  0 Parking facilities   0 24-hour bystanders available

 -- Other Packages at Panchagni --

 < Rejuvenation Therapy  < Body Immunisation Therapy
 < Stress and Strain Relief Programme  < Body Slimming Programme
 < Special Packages Software Professionals  < Head and Neck Care
 < Punarjani Therapy  < Jeevani Therapy 
 < Aphrodisiac Treatment   < Beauty care Programme
Highlights of Panchagni
|| >  An ayurvedic centre since 1883 with 4 generations traditional background in Ayurveda.
|| >  Free ayurvedic consultaion by qualified and experiencd ayurvedic physicians.
|| > Yoga and meditation program daily.

Specialized treatments provided in the Panchagni Ayurveda Hospital 

 << Snehadhara 
 << Jnavaratheppu 
 << Thapaswedam 
 <<  Shashtikapinda swedam 
 << Pichu 
 << Upanaham 
 << Mamsapinda swedam 
 << Snehapanam 
 << Udvarthanam 
 << Dhanya kizhi 
 << Nasyam 
 << Jalookavacharanam 
 << Pathrapotala Swedam 
 << Shirovasti 
 << Ksheeravasti 
 << Choornapinda Swedam
 << Dhara
 << Sashtikapayasam 
 << Thalapothichil 
 << Panchamladhara 
 << Jambeerapinda swedam 
 << Thakradhara 
 << Snehavasti 
 << Urovasti 
 << Thalam 
 << Kashayavasti 
 << Ksheeradhoomam 
 << Pizhichil 
 << Mathravasti 
 << Abhyanga snanam 
 << Vamanam 
 << Jnavara kizhi 
 << Nadi swedam 
 << Virechanam

Courses in Ayurveda 

Arogya Peetam
A centre established for providing Ayurvedic treatments, giving training in Ayurvedic treatments and marketing of Ayurvedic medicines.
The following services are also provided by Arogya Peetam. 
 :> Supply of quality Oils for Massage & Dhara, Other Medicinal Oils, Ayurvedic Herbs, Herbal extracts and Herbal massage kits.
:> Supply of all the equipments which are necessary for Ayurvedic treatments like    Wooden massage table, Vasthi Yanthra, etc. 
:> Supply of qualified and experienced Male and Female Ayurvedic Doctors, Ayurvedic Therapists, Ayurvedic Beauticians, Yoga masters and Other Staffs.
:> Expert advice, marketing Support and Guidance for Ayurvedic Centres. 
:> Supply of all Ayurvedic products which are required for running an Ayurvedic Spa. 
:> Educational Programs on Ayurveda, Yoga, Indian Astrology and Sanskrit. 
  Courses For Foreign Nationals
 (a) Basic massage courses- 2 weeks and 1 month.
 (b) Diploma in Ayurvedic Nursing, Panchakarma and Yoga 1, 2 or 3 months.
 (c) Diploma in Beauty therapy course 1 month, 2 months and 3 months.

All courses are approved by BSS approved Authorised Training Centre. (An agency promoted by Government of India)

Treatment Plan Details
Body Immunization Therapy: This is one of the central treatments in Ayurveda for reducing the ageing process, arresting the degeneration of the body's cells and immunization of the system. Based on the Panchakarma and Swethakarma treatment
Rejuvenation Therapy: Treatment includes body massage via hand and foot by two highly skilled masseurs applying medicated oil and cream, internal rejuvenate medicines, and medicated steam bath. Therapy is to rejuvenate mind, body, soul, to tone up the skin, and to strengthen all the body's systems so as to achieve optimum health, longevity and balance. 
Punarjany Therapy: (for those 50 and up)
Jeevany Therapy: (for those ages 20- 50 )
Body Slimming Programme: This includes two types of massages (1) medicated herbal powder massage (2) medicated herbal oil massage.It also includes medicated steam baths, intake of herbal juices, and herbal teas.
Pizchichil: Pizhichil is regarded as the ultimate treatment to renew vibrant health and happiness. It is especially beneficial for all imbalances of Vata dosha. 
Shirodhara: Shirodhara is both a remarkably profound procedure and yet soothing and subtle. In our Ayurvedic Treatment centres, It is a part of the daily treatment plan.
Abhyanga Treatment: Massage with medicated herbal oils applied by two massage therapists, revives the whole body, improves circulation, rejuvenates the tissue, induces sound sleep, and provides good shape to the body.
Medicated Herbal Steam Bath: After an oil massage, relax your mind and body with the herbal steam bath which fully envelopes you from feet to neck, with soothing herbal steam. It improves peripheral circulation by vasodilatation, which opens the pores in the skin and absorbs the medicinal properties of the herbal oil 

Basti :  
Of all the treatments in Panchakarma, basti is considered the most effective. This is because it reduces conditions that are caused by exacerbated Vata dosha. 
Virechana : 
Of the 5 procedures in Panchakarma, Virechana acts to remove residual toxins in the small intestine. In this gentle purgation therapy various cleansing herbs and oils are ingested over a series of days. 
Nasya : 
Nasya is the administration of herbal substances to the nasal passages. It is a Panchakarma treatment that encourages elimination of toxins in the area above the neck. The client receives a head massage with warm oil followed by hot moisture to the head especially the sinus area. Then herbal oil drops are applied in the nose and the cleansing process begins. This Panchakarma treatment improves memory, concentration, and reduces sinus congestion and allergies; and assists in conditions of insomnia, headaches, and weakened sense of smell and taste.

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