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Mulamoottil Dental Clinic was established on December 21st 1996 with a prime focus of motivation, education and quality treatments. Today the clinic provides all speciality treatments in dentistry. The clinic updates its infrastructure, materials used in treatments and dental equipments through continuing dental education programmes and by selecting top level professionals for delivering dental treatments. This contributes to the success of our institution. Currently our dental clinic focuses on preventive dentistry. Prevention of dental diseases like dental caries, gingivitis, periodontitis, and oral cancer is the main focus of the clinic. The preventive treatments provided in our clinic is headed by Dr.Benley George MDS, HOD, Public Health Dentistry, Pushpagiri College of Dental Sciences. The clinic provides dental health education for small groups through dental camps, group discussions, screening programmes etc..



Mulamoottil Dental Clinic was started by Dr.Vinod Mathew Mulamoottil in the year 1996. Dr.Vinod Mathew has completed his master’s degree in Public Health and has conducted about 104 dental screening and treatment camps across Kerala, Oral health talk shows in various medias like Television and Radio. Dr.Vinod Mathew is credited with publication of 55 dental articles in various newspapers. Dr.Vinod Mathew has published a 16 page article on oral health in a dental special issue of Malayala Manorama “Arogyam” in January 2011. Currently two international websites are publishing malayalam dental articles written by Dr.Vinod Mathew. Dr.Vinod Mathew is conducting a live phone-in programmme “Pushpavani Arogyam” in Radio Macfast 90.4 every Thursdays at 9am to 10am. Dr.Vinod Mathew spents a considerable amount of time on motivation and education of both public and school children.

India, a developing country is showing a rising trend for dental caries, gingivitis, periodontitis and oral cancer. Kerala despite being the most literate state in India has a large proportion of the population affected by dental diseases. Prevention of dental diseases forms the main focus of our dental clinic. Preventive treatment for children comprises of pit and fissure sealants and fluoride application. This form of treatment is very effective in preventing dental caries in children. Preventive treatment for adults and children include scaling(cleaning of teeth). We use Ultrasonic Scaler for cleaning teeth. Ultrasonic scaler is a modern dental equipment which removes hard deposits(calculus) and stains over the teeth surfaces. This is a fast and non-traumatic procedure. Scaling of teeth is a mandatory treatment for all patients. Scaling of teeth every 6 months helps in preventing gum diseases and maintaining a health periodontium. Studies conducted across the globe have shown the relationship between gum diseases and heart disease, diabetes, low-birth weight babies. During scaling, all surfaces of a tooth are cleaned including the space between two teeth. Cleaning of teeth helps in identifying the presence of any undetected caries on any surface of a tooth. The removal of calculus (causing irritation of the gums) over the teeth surfaces helps in reducing the inflammation of the gums and restoring the health of the gums. Scaling of teeth helps in smoothening the irregularity of the teeth surfaces. It prevents the deposition of bacteria and food particles over the tooth surfaces.

Oral cancer is a major dental condition having a 100% prognosis if diagnosed in its early stage. Habits like tobacco chewing, smoking, alcohol consumption, consumption of spicy foods are the risk factors for developing oral cancer. During a complete oral check-up, the dentist will examine all teeth and other structures of the oral cavity with the help of a mouth mirror, and artificial light. This check-up helps in identifying if any dental diseases or conditions are present. Dental diseases if treated at the early stage would prevent its further progression and prevent the loss of teeth. This would be followed by a preventive counseling for each patient based on the oral health assessment. Preventive counseling includes home care measures for prevention of dental caries, gingivitis and periodontitis. This approach would make the patient aware of his dental health problems and motivate him/her to improve their oral health.

Treatments of various dental problems caried out through combination of treatments in minimum days.

Doctors in all specialties available :

1. Pits and Fissure Sealants for Children
2. Deep scaling and preventive counselling
3. Tooth whitening
4. Orthodontic Treatment
5. Single sitting Root Canal Treatment
6. Crown and Bridge Treatment
7. Metal free Ceramic Laminates and Crowns
8. Dental Implants
9. Complete Denture
10. Removable partial denture (Flexible)
11. Tooth coloured & metal Fillings
12. Flap Surgery and Apicectomy

Our Team

  • Dr. Vinod Mathew Mulamoottil MPH
    ( Managing Director & Chief Dental Surgeon)
  • Manju Vinod Mulamoottil LLB ( Director Administration)
  • Dr Benley George MDS Preventive Dental & Public Health
    ( Vice Principal Pushpagiri College Of Dental Sciences)
  • Dr Jacob John MDS Orthodontics
    ( HOD Pushpagiri Medical College Dental Unit)
  • Dr Aby Mathew MDS Prosthodontist
    (Principal. Pushpagiri College Of Dental Sciences)
  • Dr Nebu George MDS Periodontist
    (Reader.Pushpagiri College Of Dental Sciences)
  • Dr Akhilesh Prathap MDS Oral Surgeon
    (Reader Pushpagiri College Of Dental Sciences)
  • Dr. Ajilal S K Consultant Single sitting Root Canal Specialist



Preventive Treatments: 
  • Pit & Fissure Sealants 
  • Flossing. 
  • Mouth washes. 
  • Brushing Technique. 
  • Regular Dental Checkups (In 6 Months) 

Cosmetic Treatments: 

  • Tooth whitening 
  • Crown,Bridge &Veneers 
  • White Fillings 
  • Implants 
  • Smile design 

Conservative Treatments: 

  • Root canal treatments 
  • Fillings 
  • Post and Core crowns 
Surgical Treatments: 
  • Tooth Extraction 
  • Surgical removal of Impacted tooth 
  • Apicectomy 

Periodontal Treatments: 

  • Periodontal Flap Surgery 
  • Bleeding Gums 
  • Microbiolgic Testing 
  • Bone grafting 
  • Halatosis 

Orthodontics Treatments: 

  • Fixed Orthodontics 
  • Removable Orthodontics 
  • Development Appliances 
  • Clear Alighner 

Advanced Dental & General Health Package: 



Practice Hours 
Monday 3 pm 8.00pm 
Tuesday 3 pm 8.00pm 
Wednesday 3 pm 8.00pm 
Thursday 3 pm 8.00pm 
Friday 3 pm 8.00pm 
Saturday 3 pm 8.00pm 

For Sunday & Morning Appointments Contact 09447219903

Mulamoottil Dental Clinic

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